The Seams of Oceans

It does not really hit my consciousness that I am headed somewhere until the walk across the tarmac. The last goodbye settles in my bones as I look up to the windowpanes of the terminal. Hoping Fern can see me walk the steps up to the plane. Those steps always lead to a different corner…

For Just A Little While

My foot sunk into the sand with each step, the tide slowly coming in. A lazy leopard seal waving its arm as I pass by just as a boat is coming in from the sea. My nose dripping from the change in the weather. The sea breeze calming the headache across my bones. For the…

Closing the Envelope of 2018

New Year’s Eve is one of those rare days where I can remember where I was almost every year of my life. I can trace back to old feelings, old ways of expression, and the hidden pockets of thoughts I keep all tucked in the same corner. The thoughts that I enter into when ringing…

Along the Ridges of Fiordland

I slung my Gregory Jade backpack up onto my shoulders, the weight settling into my small frame. The sandflies swirling around me in a frenzy to bite my delicate skin. I breathed in, looked at Fern, and thought, “let us all hope this does not kill me.” For those who have followed my journey, you…

A Dance With the Past

The rain softly hit the pavement as I walked through the gate to Victorian times. A mix of people in Victorian dresses and suits walked along old cobblestone streets next to steamers and trains.

To Imagine Beyond Suffering

Last week here in New Zealand it was Mental Health Awareness Week. It opened up the opportunity to listen, to have tough conversations, and to realize how much of our childhood we are chasing long after it has passed. 

Snowmelt on the Southern Alps

I thought of what a busy culture turns me into, what I turn myself into in the moments I am alone, and what everyone else seems to want for me.

The Places We Walk

I turned the corner of the hospital ward, flowers resting on my forearm, feeling my own memories swirl in my head. Remembering what it felt like to walk the halls of a place that seems similar in any country. For a split second, I connected to the girl sitting next to her mother in the…

Perhaps We Are More Than Just Surviving

I stepped outside with the laundry basket on my hip, my eyes focused on the sheep slowly moving across the hills. I walked down the porch steps to hang the laundry on the washing line, twirling it to the hillside for the pegs to be within my reach. I breathed deeply into the crisp air,…

Shooting Arrows

Shooting arrows of failure and success, all the while learning why the leaves change their colour can teach us about life.