Shooting Arrows

Shooting arrows of failure and success, all the while learning why the leaves change their colour can teach us about life.


What We Bury In the Backyard

How we bury our anxieties, worries, doubts, and depression. Eventually we run out of room.

Reinventing Life

Reinventing a way of life, and what that even means in the modern world.

Changing of the Tides

Not every new beginning looks the same, nor will every decision be an easy one. As I looked back at the empty room of my first months in the South Island, I was reminded of quiet days watching the harbour waters rush in and out, the call of gossiping seabirds, and the quaint feeling of…

A Kiwi Christmas

After marveling at the various light displays around the neighborhood on a warm summer evening, we shuffled into a muggy church filling the air with Christmas carols. The candles were lit on the edges of the window as if setting a winter scene, but the hot air made for quite a different Christmas Eve than…

The Sway of Traditions

I sat in a bustling coffee shop with my screen lit with emails. I could hear an array of accents, differing from region to region around me, the sound of the espresso machine echoing across the walls. The old style front windows letting the cold air gently seep in with the early rays of sunlight…

On the Other Side of Stress

We sat in the waiting room, a familiar feeling to me. The receptionist chatted on, while the posters intended to calm lay crooked on the wall. They called me back, I answered the questions about my medical history, they checked my vitals, and sent me off with a smile after waving the card through the…

What Will History Say About Us

With heels on my feet walking down a steep road, I could not help but feel the joyful feeling of a sunny day. My dress waving in the wind, greeting the sea breeze coming in. Fern laughing at my shoe choice, but understanding that some days a girl just wants to put on lipstick and…

Figures of Fear

We all walk with figures of fear on our shoulders. What we do with that fear is up to us.

Port Town Living

I sat on a rock to catch my breath for a moment as Fern wandered around looking at plants cluttering the forest floor. “Where does that bush track go?” I asked pointing the opposite direction of where we intended to go. “I don’t know, it’s a mystery path. Shall we follow it?” Fern asked. “Might as well…