Weaving Memories

The giddiness rose up in me as I planted myself on the ground in front of the loom. The Lahu lady helped strap me into the loom and guided my hands across the weaved strings. Each tool within the loom has a purpose and I slowly began to learn the pattern. There are some tasks that do not need language. Crafts happen to be one of those tasks. The Lahu women here weave hundreds of bags for surrounding villages, but there is something more than just a finished product. It is the stillness one experiences being one with the loom and weaving the strings together to form a pattern. It is beautiful and enchanting to watch. And today I got the opportunity to learn hands on. My time is not short here, which gives me the wonderful blessing of establishing relationships and learning from them. Along with my goal of becoming a master seamstress, I also would like to be a master weaver! I am hoping to get tools soon so I can start my own loom. I already have almost finished one knitting project while being here. I cannot read in the car because the roads are too bumpy, so crafts are a good alternative for passing the time.

Class this morning was a general background to the countries that are along the Mekong River (Mother River). I was reminded how much I love learning about the past to understand the present. After class we all got shots for Japanese Encephalitis, because it is a concern in this region. The afternoon consisted of knitting, weaving, and reading. We were introduced to the possible practicum locations after dinner. I have an idea of where I want to apply to, but still need to look into the details. We made banana peanut butter cookies for this weekends trip. We are going on the Golden Triangle Tour where we will cross into Burma for the night. I am not sure what kind of internet access I will have, so there may not be a post until Tuesday! The Golden Triangle is where Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and Lao meet. It is a common area for human trafficking. Tomorrow will be a long day in the car, but this weekend will be full of new experiences and new understanding. A grand yet heartbreaking adventure of seeing what we read about come to be reality.

I am weaving memories into who I am and seeing the world in a grand new perspective.


Bethany Jane

DSCF2733  DSCF2735 DSCF2736 DSCF2739 DSCF2740


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  1. Lacey Carlson says:

    I love that in the midst of learning great and terrible things about a people’s history you can interact personally with their culture through craft. Isn’t it amazing that you can join in such a simple yet profound way?


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