Ode To My Adventuremates

My dream could not have been fulfilled without my trusty adventuremates. So I would like to thank them in the way I know how. Through words.

Lyndsay (Lyndzel Washington),

Your love for nature is inspiring and gives me hope for this world. You have an incredibly soft heart and it helps you see deeper into things and love people better. I have loved hearing your heart, your struggles, and your joys throughout this term. Thank you for teaching me what it means to pay close attention to the detail of nature and to love even the smallest seeds of God’s creation. I will always treasure and miss your phrases of “neatness” and “snakes alive!”. I pray God will continue to guide you in caring for his creation and loving people relentlessly.

Miranda (Randy),

You have a heart for community and think of creative ways to engage with people. You have a strong heart for God and strive to known him every morning through his word. Your heart for leadership and seeking what it means to ‘live on mission’ has helped me to look differently into how we can shape the world by our very actions. I will miss being in your calming presence. Thank you for your example of what seeking God every day looks like. I pray that God will continue to lead you to foster community and to love people beyond language.

Jonas (Jammin),

You have a heart for people and it shows through your stories of prayer and laughter in games. Your ability to connect with people through games and laughter helps you reach people in a creative way. Thank you for your humor and your random information about things that add more insight and history into a situation. I will miss your boy jokes and laughing so hard I cry from the unexpected funny stories. I pray God continues to guide your adventures and guide your conversations to prayer.

Kameron (Killer Kam),

You are incredibly philosophical and always have thoughts to stir conversation into a new perspective. You have a heart for people and intellectual thought, which is inspiring me to see new perspectives. Your humor keeps things joyful and turns the day to be interesting. Your invention and business ideas stir rigid ways to move fluidly into a brighter future. I will miss your insight and your philosophical thoughts about life. I pray that God will guide your future of thinking and open up windows of new thought and entrepreneurial ideas.

Leah (Princess Leah),

I love you. That is all. Just kidding. (Insert giggle). You have the deepest heart and the deepest passions. You strive to seek truth and understand the world you live in. Your heart, your kindness, and your love for people who are outside the borders of normal thought inspire me to look past the borders of social creation. I am incredibly thankful to have spent literally every day with you for the past four months. I would not have made it out of practicum with a sound mind if it not for your tender loving care and your willingness to process things with me. I will miss your laugh echoing with mine and our deep conversations about life. I pray God guides you in a direction of beauty and continuous deep love.

Thank you adventuremates for a grand adventure. I cherish every moment, every emotion, and every location we have learned, struggled, and believed in. You all are beautiful children of God and I am incredibly thankful for you walking this journey with me. It would not have been the same without you. Til our reunion in the Go-ED retreat center, I pray life takes you on another grand adventure!


Bethany Jane (McBeth)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam says:

    Bethany, I want to send you a BIG hug. Your blog has meant so much to me as a parent! It made keeping up with Kam a little easier and somehow it made the distance seem a little smaller. I always looked forward to reading about your adventures, experiences, and how God was at work. Wishing you a lovely holiday season as you reunite with your family!


  2. bwiddi says:

    Oh thank you so much! I am glad that I could fill the gap a little. 🙂 I pray you have a beautiful holiday season and that Kam will communicate all his wild stories! Blessings!


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