Where Giants Roam

The land where giants roam, the ocean roars, and the mountain sings. The land where legends and myths intertwine as time passes. The land shifts with the chorus of the waves as the rocks form cylinder steps. I stepped along the stones that have shifted with centuries. It seemed like a game to step across the steps as it led to the edge of the Irish Sea. The wind rushed around playfully as I listened to the waves crash against the rocks. The sky was a delicate blue with dark clouds threatening rain. I hiked up the trail with my friend Rachel to encounter the view from high up on the cliff. Leaning over the edge of the railing I could see the beauty and the danger of the landscape. It felt similar to a coastal hike in the Northwest, but the scenery held a certain powerful presence. Some people claim there is magic within Giant’s Causeway. Regardless of myths, legends, or spiritual presence, the scenery fluttered my heart to the feeling of being absolutely alive. Alive in the Lords presence of this grand world he molded and shaped.

The following morning the bags were packed once more and we loaded on the bus to head for the ferry. As the bus waited to drive onto the ferry I watched the other cars and cyclists roll up. Even as we all shuffled to the main deck of the ferry I watched as people interacted with one another. All sharing stories with laughter and connection of life. And I joined in as we had a cafe lunch on the ferry filled with people from all walks of life.

The six hour drive on the bus across Scotland was narrated by our new guide who was dressed in traditional Scottish clothing. I was captivated by the countryside. The mountains brushed the sky and were decorated in speckles of yellow, blue, and green. Sweet blue bells whispered in the wind as streams of water weaved down to earth. As the forest met the edge of the sea, I contemplated where my heart stood in this trip. As I watched peers speak of home and weariness, I wondered why I did not feel the same. I wondered what kind of life I wanted to live. Moving all the time is tiresome, but it also jolts my heart to life. In seeing more of this world, I feel the better I understand about culture and ways of living. My heart yearns for more and I realize even when this travel time is done, it will not be the last for me. Some months ago I wrote on a sky lantern that said “This is only the beginning” and released it to the open sky. It is only the beginning still even as I come to learn more about Scotland. I am trying to see beyond tourist eyes to see the every day life that Scotland lives. In the land where giants roam, I only hope to stand on their shoulders to see the world a little more clear and a little more brighter.


Bethany Jane


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