The Bay of Oban

The air was crisp as we took our first morning steps. Rachel and I let our feet move to a soft jog as we followed the boardwalk along the edge of Oban’s bay. The water swayed with the wind as the clouds moved swiftly above. The mountains stretched out their arms to hug the bay as it let ships and sail boats pass along on the waves. The buildings lining the boardwalk were soft colors of stone with welcoming entrances. Joy seeped into my heart as we chatted the morning away soaking up the view and embracing the beauty of Scotland.

After a delicious breakfast that included fruit (very rare in hostels) we wandered through the town. A cup of chai to warm the morning and a few thrift type stores bided time before stepping into Oban’s distillery. The guided tour of the facility showed how they make their 14 year Whiskey. It was amazing to watch and I was in awe that someone figured it out. Such a long process to create even a small amount of whiskey. As the guide spoke of the history, I wondered about the trades people chose as villages shifted into towns. The village grew rapidly as business boomed and tourists discovered it’s wonders. I did learn that their is a company that owns and watches over distilleries of many major companies. The same company looks over Oban’s whiskey and even Guinness. A powerful entity that drives its existence from social endeavors. A trade that once was small, but now has grown to a global scale.

In the afternoon we wandered around the town, embracing the beautiful view. The sun warmed the air against the wind as we talked about the beautiful things in this world. The wonderful beauty of this trip is the opportunity to speak with peers about struggles and joys in life. All our stories  vastly different, yet with crossing similarities. We stared out at the bay on the edge of the rocks letting the stillness and the beauty overwhelm our senses. With the wind swirling around, I looked as far as my eyes would let me see. The sun shimmering off the water with mountains on either side of the bay. The sailboats gently rocking with the waves as the ferry passed by. I thought about how large this world is. How vastly different day to day life is around the world. And what a blessing I have had the opportunity to explore this world. To learn beyond just one culture, but have had the beauty of living among many different cultures.

In the evening the skies shifted to sheets of rain. We pranced around the town taking artsy photos and noticing the simple things in life. I delightfully danced and listened to the raindrops as they fell from the edge of the rooftops. How wonderful life is when you can notice the simple things and laugh just out of joy. We were supposed to go to a concert, but apparently it did not exist…so after standing out in the rain for an hour, we trudged back to our hostel home and had a quiet evening in of journaling and chatting.

The bay of Oban is such a wonderful place, and my heart warmed to the sweetness of the village. A village I would not mind visiting again.


Bethany Jane


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