Fighters of Light

The wall lit up in an array of colors as the base rumbled the room. People jumped to the beat of the music and shouted the lyrics as the DJ tugged at the songs to intertwine. I watched as I observed a room full of beautifully broken people. Each person holds a story that has been written by time. Has been written with tears, joy, and interactions that have created them to who they are today. I looked to my girls next to me as we shouted the lyrics at the top of our lungs. Our hands connected and lifted to the ceiling. It was as if time stopped. Life has moved in a steady rhythm of constant change. No day seems to be the same, and with each passing day there is something to learn. Something to see. Something to understand. The 20 something struggle of fighting against and discovering all that has been told to you to make you who you are today. And in the moment with the lights flashing, the music blaring, and my dearest friends next to me, life made sense. For one moment it made sense. And I could not have asked for better people to struggle and appreciate life with.

In my recent interactions I have noticed the pattern that everyone is searching for something. Whether it be success, a sense of belonging, or looking for the next step in life, we are all struggling. It is the simple fact of being human. We struggle with the concept of who we were, who we are, and who we hope to be. We fight against the light, because darkness is comfortable. We listen to the darkness because sometimes it makes more sense than the light. Darkness is deceitful in its ploy to overtake the very fiber of our understanding of life. It clouds understanding, sticks pins in happiness, and leaves you feeling empty. Yet, I see fighters. I see people who despite all the darkness, whether self created or external circumstance, are fighting to keep moving forward. Beyond the emotional and physical pain of those leaving this world or our lives, there is joy. There is the moment as if time stands still and it all makes sense. I live for these moments of joy. Of shouting at the top of my lungs with friends that I know are with me through every step of the way. We do not have to alone in our struggle, because we are fighters of light. People who have the capability of seeing beyond the darkness. And walking forward with one another through every hardship, and every joy. Keep on fighting dear friends. Keep being fighters of light.


Bethany Jane


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