A Writer’s Dream

The window lightly reflected my image as the sun sparkled through the glass. I stared at myself in confusion and wonderment. Wondering where life would take me. Trying to reconfigure my idea of what life was supposed to look like. What I wanted to be, what I wished life could be, and separating fantasy from reality. When life would become too hard, I retreated to my dreams. The broken pieces of dreams once shattered that I suddenly had the inspiration to rebuild. To reconfigure. To reimagine.

When we are kids we are told we can do and be anything. There are motivational posters that clutter the wall giving the inspiration that with the right attitude, you can become whatever you want. When adolescence hits, it seems to twist the motivational posters into a lie. Life becomes hard, and sometimes unmanageable. Friendships are no longer formed by neighborhoods, it suddenly is by dedication of time. Between jobs or endless homework, the tasks of life becoming a routine. A routine that muddles day by day until the day you realize perhaps you are unsatisfied. Perhaps this is not the life you dreamed of as a child. Perhaps that dream had to change. Perhaps you have changed.

Since I was a young child, I saw stories written in people’s eyes. In the way they walked and spoke to others. I imagined lives I would never live, struggles I perhaps never would face, and a world different from mine. I watched with special attention to detail that only grew stronger as I learned more terms in which to describe a situation. As long as I can remember, I wanted the words to describe the world, life, and individuals. I wanted to be able to explain in vivid color and detailed adjectives to help others form perspective.

When I entered high school, my dream of being a writer was shattered by negative talk from an English teacher. Writing was a part of me that suddenly turned black and unresponsive as the negative comments silenced my passion. After two years of dark space, I lit a candle in the dark corridor of my heart. Seeing the words that had sunk deep into the walls, never to be fully erased. I filled the corridor with light and reawakened the piece of me that I held so dear for most of my life. I opened the door for others to see my passion, my devotion, and my strife for communicating through the power of words and vivid detail. Through the college years I learned more vocabulary in how to explain life more effectively to create a meaningful impact. I found my voice through writer’s challenges and the ability to be vulnerable with my life’s experiences. I awakened my writer’s dream by submitting articles, working on research projects, and blogging. Even being rejected sparks a fire, because it leads to greater opportunity.

After life being a little delayed from surgery and health setbacks, I enter into a new season of life. I am launching various writer sites and am submitting more pieces of writing to different magazines. Through the craft of words, I hope to build a career of writing. From academic writing to creative non-fiction, I seek to write from the heart to shift perspective.

For those who have followed my journey, thank you. Thank you for your support and continued encouragement. In my strife and through the joys of life, I walk forward with greater depth to living and changed perspective. If you have connections to writing opportunities, do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to new ideas and hope to help others with their businesses through the power of words.

I have launched a new writer’s Facebook site, where I will post my writing all in one place. Please click here to access and like the page. The next month I am dedicating full days to writing. From Upwork projects to starting my own novel, my time will be spent building the writing career I have dreamed of since a child. Having the setback of health problems has only brought my journey exactly where it is supposed to be. Creating meaning and bringing awareness to issues that others have silenced. The world is moving to the age of vulnerability and authenticity. I only hope to capture it in all its glory and build communities that encourage and inspire one another. I invite you to follow along in my journey.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane


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