What Colorado Springs

I woke up to the soft breeze of the warm Colorado air. The aspen trees gently clattering against the traffic noise. My mind felt at ease, and for the first time in a month I slept with no nightmares tumbling into my dreams. I heard the gentle voices of the morning downstairs as I set my feet upon the floor. Voices familiar, yet new.

My earliest memory is at a farm just on the edge of my hometown. A farm we once visited as a family for friendly gatherings and events. The property was owned by a soft spirited man who always had his eyes set on the Lord. Through the many trials in life, his faith never wavered. His joyful zeal for life showed just in the way he spoke to people. He never could remember my real name, as he seemed fit to call me Becky. It was my unique name to him, which made the memories all the more sweeter at the farm.

There was a platform swing that soared over the farmland with just a step against fear. Swinging off the platform is where I first learned my enthusiasm for adventure, and the thrill of stepping off into the unknown. The farm is where I learned I loved to drive as we were allowed to assist in “driving” the tractor. It is where I first felt compassion towards animals that were far bigger than I.

Those memories as a child are what built the adventurous spirit in me today. And here I stood in the household of the mysterious man of my childhood who instilled such joyful memories. Who saved our family with his faith. Who always led a life full of compassion towards culture, people, and life. Beyond his years in Colorado, he lived in Uzbekistan for a time as a missionary. Approaching his mid-eighties now, life has taken a slower pace. He married a second time at the age of seventy to a spunky lady who spent the majority of her life writing. She grew up in the south and holds a love for hospitality and entertaining people.

Despite the setbacks of this year, the ambitions of life still lay in the crevices of my heart. I have a whole life ahead of me, and this sweet older couple had lived the majority of theirs. It bled perspective in the circle of life and how the choices I make now, can greatly effect what is to come. How the people I choose to let into my life can build a life of hurt, or a life of abundance in joy. The communities I choose to be a part of make a difference in how I navigate and understand this world.

The spunky lady in her eighties, wrote a book about her first eighty-five years of life. I was fascinated that she took the time to write her understanding of life and how her upbringing effected her adulthood. Her tales of heartache and pain all resolved into a resounding peace. Her faith for the Lord never wavered, even under extreme circumstances. I have seen hundreds of people break under less harsh circumstance, but she made the best of whatever life threw her way. Because she believed in the power of the Lord and that his grace would be sufficient for her. I thought about my journey, and how hard this year has been. The up and down of friendships, surgery, and the setback of pain. I paid attention to the details they shared of their lives to better understand mine, and to remind myself to live better than what the world expects of me. The morning before we left, the mysterious man from my childhood looked me in the eye and with soft words said, “I hope his grace is sufficient for you”. I smiled warmly and was reminded of the power in faith. I am lucky to have grown up surrounded by people who genuinely care and love me, and a community of people who have supported me since I came into this world.

In the heart of Colorado Springs, I experienced the gentleness of life, the greatness of the midwest sky, and the spectacular nature of rock formations. Early settlers paved their way with the last of the gold mining age to make a better for life for themselves. Now thousands dwell in the mountains, and in the heart of the red rocks. It reminded me how vast and how different the states are. Each holding their own personality and history that has created memories for hundreds of years. My feet itched for adventure, and I found myself staring at the sky in wonderment. It will not be too long until I return to Colorado, and I am more than ready to experience life outside of my current understanding. To live life with wide eyes of wonderment and a gratitude for new opportunities. With faith and the power of community, I can step forward past this dark season. The earth is soon to welcome the warmth as summer is just around the corner.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane


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