Seeing With Clarity

I blinked open my eyes for the first time in a week to see clarity. Before everything was blurry and disfigured, but now I saw vivid details and bright lights. With two eyes looking forward I could see, and I felt all the years of explaining myself come to a close.

On September 12th, I spent three hours under anesthesia for a very skilled eye surgeon to sew in a permanent lens in my left eye. I woke up with a patch on my eye, one that was very similar to the one I wore as a child when I had surgery before. All the years of lost contacts, various glasses, and stick on eye patches came to reconciliation. The following two weeks were spent in recovery, which involved pain, stomach sickness, and terrible headaches. I luckily had Fern looking after me, who was a constant support and encourager.

Just in the year 2016, I have experienced two surgeries, one injury, and various new conclusions and realizations about my health. I have seen countless doctors and tried to explain my story with clarity. But only when the clouds part, are you able to see the blue sky better.

As the clouds part during this season of recovery, I find clarity in my experience. I see all the actions and movements that have led me to where I am. Sometimes life is out of your control. When you get sick, when someone passes away, and when life throws unexpected curves, it can seem all out of control. But it matters what you do with what life throws at you. You can choose to sit in the dark clouds, or choose to keep moving until the storm passes. And I will always choose to keep moving. To watch the sky with intention and adapt to whatever life throws at me. Life is too short not to.

So begins a new season of adapting. At the end of October, life has called Fern and Petal to gather up things and move to the mountains. Fern received a job working in Big Sky, Montana, which will be a whirlwind of new experiences. After living in the Northwest most of my life, I am more than ecstatic to take on a new challenge. Although snow will be a new experience for both of us.

With clarity and strong hearts we step forward into a new season of life. There are new places to explore, new adventures to embark upon, and new perspectives to see. Seeing with clarity can shape the direction of life, and finally a breakthrough has come. So here we set off to adapt to the mountains of this land. To stay strong through any weathered storm and to understand that life is about the simple things. Life is about figuring out the mess of it all and how to adapt with the changing seasons. With passion and resilience I step forward into the promise of a new season and to see clarity with both eyes looking forward.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane



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