Moving Thoughts

I looked up at the lights hung on the ceiling with wonder and excitement. Laughter passed back and forth between Fern and I as we paused to appreciate this new season of life. It seems strange to be in a new place, where I am not just a few miles from everything I know. Yet, I have wanted something new for quite some time.

For the first time since my childhood, I feel myself settling in. Decorating the walls in lights and postcards of travel. Reminiscing of travels that seem just a touch away from reality as I hang bamboo clothes pins on knitted string. All the while humming softly to myself, something I only do when I am truly content.

A new season is here of focusing on my writing, experiencing a new town culture, and making my way through life with the never ending adoration from Fern. For a long time I felt stuck where I was, and rather miserable in my surroundings. I suffered in silence, trying to figure out my eternal health issues and balancing an overly busy schedule. I wondered when things would finally seem manageable.

On the car ride to Montana, I wondered if I would feel stuck again. Just as the thoughts began to swirl, Fern reached for my hand. A silent gesture that lit up the dark uncertainties of my heart. This move is different, because it is a place I want to be and it is with a man I absolutely adore. Despite all the struggles of this last year, my heart has felt a profound sense of calm. After the stress of packing and saying goodbyes, I rounded to a place of understanding of the importance in this new season.

I am not afraid to live in other places, because I have the greatest man by my side. A man who sat with me in my crying misery post-surgery, and who deals with my health lows with relentless support. I used to grieve my health issues alone, but with Fern around, I have learned to include him in the daily struggle. And sometimes that means just him patiently waiting for me in the front room as I visit specialists. It is the little gesture of simply being there that makes the journey so much brighter.

As we embark on our new season, there will be many lessons, blessings, and happenings to come. Tom has a new job in Big Sky, and I will focus more on my writing, both personal and professional. (New website to be launched soon, so keep an eye out!) We are excited for this change in season, and really love our new space to just be. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, taken us on adventures, and who took the time out of their busy schedules to say goodbye. We will miss the Northwest, but for now we will be adventuring in Big Sky country. More writings to come, but for now, goodnight from Fern and Petal in Montana.


Bethany Jane


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