Beginnings in Montana

I let the mountains guide my gaze as I pressed my feet against the ground. As my movement moved from a walk to a run, I let the scenery move at a quicker pace. The suburban neighborhood felt familiar, yet new. Every house a new site to my eyes as I reached the end of industrialization to the farmland that stretched for miles. I paused for a moment, to soak in all that my eyes would let me see. In awe of the breathtaking scenery and incredibly grateful for the chance to breathe in strength.

My time after graduating seemed to be a whirlwind of continual health problems. Feeling the weight and the worry of not being able to live the dreams I had hoped for myself. In weeks of recovery and battling even the simplicity of walking for twenty minutes seemed a challenge I was about ready to give up.

Some people say that changing your attitude will fix your situation, and for awhile I believed that statement. Until my worsening condition and stressful life took over every brain and bodily function. A good attitude won’t help you stop hurling, it will only make it slightly more manageable. To move forward, I needed a change in scenery. I needed to be away from my college town and away from doctor appointments that only brought a new problem each time. I needed a break from the life that was beginning to harden my heart.

Life in Montana has been sweetly good to Fern and I. Fern has a job that he enjoys, and I am able to work from home and actually get more writing done during the week. We meal plan for the week, and I have dinner ready most days by the time Fern comes home in the evening. It is a quaint life, that is a bit slower, but it is good in this winter season.

Since moving, I have had more energy than I have had since before I got sick with pneumonia when I was fifteen. Energy enough to run for over three miles at least twice a week, and enough stamina to hike for eight miles without crying. Something about the mountain air, or the change in season, I am unsure. It makes the hard times fade to a past chapter, as I am able to soak in all the good things happening with the simple joy of living life with Fern and pursuing my career.

Snow is just beginning to sprinkle the mountain tops, but it still has not come for the valley yet. Soon enough it will be a whole new challenge of snow, but for now, we are soaking up the sunshine and the beauty of Big Sky country.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane


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