How Your Daily Pattern Effects Your Relationships

I heard the door swing open as the cold air swept in flurries of snow. I swiveled my chair around and peeked around the corner of the hallway to see Fern with bags of groceries and a tired grin on his face. I pitter pattered towards him, and waited until he placed the bags on the table. With free arms he reached out, and I snuggled into his tall frame. We held one another in a soft stillness that only comes with falling in love.

Daily patterns effect how your relationships grow or decay. Some people come home to the television blasting, wondering why there is another argument about the dishes. There is no one argument that brings any form of relationship to its knees. It takes a sum of all the little patterns you created. All the times you went out to dinner and stared at your partner or friend playing on their phone, or coming home to roommates that blared music instead of talking to you about their day. The longer negative spirals form, the more detrimental they can be to your relationships.

Technology in some form, helps our relationships thrive. We can video chat from anywhere in the world, Snapchat our text messages, and connect with one another through social media. It is an incredible world, but sometimes it hinders our relationships. We almost spend more time checking up on social media than we do connecting to people in real life. It becomes a pattern. A pattern that can be destructive towards your friendships, love life, and your family.

What is the pattern of your day? Do you let your daily pattern hinder or help your relationships? Do you listen to those around you, or is your brain paying more attention to how many likes you got on social media? We get endorphins when people like our postings, but it does not quite compare to the rush of feelings that happen in real life.

When Fern comes home, I finish up my work day and give my attention to him. I chatter about my day while making dinner for the two of us. All the while savoring every moment of our time in Montana. Our daily pattern is one of love, of giving, of gratitude. Fern traveled over an ocean to give our love a chance, and intend to travel oceans just to be in the same part of the world as him.

We hope to continue our daily pattern of being in one another’s presence, but we need a little help. If you are able, help our love story.

Follow this link to find out more:

Little moments create a lifetime, so make time for those you love in the small patterns of life. It just might help your relationships flourish.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sonam Dema says:

    I want you to know that this has helped me. TBH I happened to read it right after I had some disagreement with another sonam. It helped me think through our conversation and make disagreement turn into discussion. We love you ❤️


    1. bwiddi says:

      Aww I am so glad my words could help! Love you dearly! ❤


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