What Being a Woman Means

Being a woman means wearing bright white tights to church as a child, but running out in the field with your dress catching against the grass as you giggle your way to the edge of the world.

Being a woman means keeping your head down on the dark streets, because you have been taught to fear, yet not how to defend.

It means having to wear make-up, cause if you don’t, it shows you might be too wild for the professional world.

Being a woman means someone decided long ago what you should do with your uterus, yet they have no idea what it means to give birth to a child.

It means seeing people yell in the streets about your choices, all the while wondering if they have anything better to do than yell about abortions.

Being a woman means having to wear wire close to your skin until it rubs raw, yet you cannot afford the high cost of a new garment.

It means society carved a path for you, and straying from it causes raised eyebrows and disappointed looks.

Being a woman means not being taken seriously because it very well may always be that time of the month.

It means curling up in a small ball in a puddle of tears because a man thought he owned you.

Yet, being a woman also means power in femininity.

It means creating herstory.

Being a woman means letting your hair flow with the wind as you stand on top of a whispering mountain and run through fields of wildflowers.

It means embracing what you are, who you are, and everything you will be.

Being a woman means carving the story of time simply by existing as you break through glass ceilings, run your own business, and start your own sports team.

It means running faster than the boys, because you damn well can if you want to.

Being a woman means loving hard, loving well, and choosing every day to be more than what society expects or asks of you.

It means embracing the feminine, the masculine, and the little pieces that do not fit into a box or gender identity.

Being a woman means being you.

And there is nothing that can stop you from being you. 

Fight with nothing to lose.

Live with everything you got.

And love so fierce, that the world will have no choice but to let your flames swirl behind your sweet smile of affection.

Being a woman means strength in numbers, knowing we are never alone when we have one another’s backs.

It means choosing what you want to do with your body, all the while knowing it will be a harder road with others speaking against you.

Being a woman means boldly accepting the love of a person who sees you for all you are.

It means letting go of the past and embracing the future with arms held open to the sky.

Being a woman is life.

It is love.

It is peace.

It is everything that you stand for.

So March on. Live Well. and Change the world.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane




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