Come What May

My past haunts me, like a waking dream.

I pace from wall to wall, with a single thought.

Will I ever be content in one place?

Must I always be moving, running, driving away from this feeling.


The car is away, the air is ice in my lungs when I open the door, so I pace.

I swirl, thrash, and beat myself up.

The walls enclose, like a nightmare that never truly goes away.

I wrestle, fight, and shove the feeling back of being stuck.


Some call it cabin fever, some call it resistance, but it is something I knew about myself.

In a world that moves fast, I want to jump in and feel the rush of it.

Every step forward, feels like two steps back.

Empty promises, ill advice, and the cruelty of the world weighs on my heart.


Yet, what I once battled alone, is no longer met by the silence of my own thoughts.

My sweetheart enters in the room, enclosing me in safety.

Pulling me closer, protecting me from my own demons, and sheltering me from pain.

He softens my hardening heart with the simple sound of his voice.


I am not in this battle alone.

Where others give up, we battle together.

When the world is harsh, unusual, and cruel, we hold one another close.

Because love is not in a moment.


Love is in the little choices you make.

It is protecting someone, even if it means protecting them from themselves.

Choices of dishes, laundry, and work, all add up to the moments that make a life.

The responsibilities, the disappointments, the unexpected all swirl into a series.


No matter where I go, my demons may follow in my tracks.

No matter how hard I work, there will always be storms to face.

Yet, it is the tender moments that make the hardship a triumph.

At the end of the day, it is love that conquers anything that comes our way.


I may thrash with my demons, but when daylight breaks, they have no place here.

In the dark moments, I no longer have to bury them in the silence of my own demise.

I can open my eyes and perceive the opportunity of hardship.

We all struggle, we all fight our demons, but at the end of the day, it is the love in our hearts that teach us to hold on tight through the storm.


Where your demons may follow, you can conquer.

When darkness lurks, you can fight.

For whatever comes, will come.

It does not matter what life throws at you, it matters how you breathe through it.


So fight for your rights, your livelihood, your relationships.

Love through your demons, your storms, your darkness.

Breathe through the little moments that make a life.

And walk into the light of day, with your eyes shimmering come what may.


Come what may.







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