The Safe Haven of Montana

The rain gently was cascading from the sky in a magnificent sound. The sun somehow was still streaming through the clouds, reflecting a thoughtful brilliance. The season is changing, and with it comes rain. As if the earth is cleansing itself for a new beginning. Spring is here, and with it comes many changes, challenges, and deeper intent on the purpose of living.

In eight days, Fern and I leave our little safe haven in Montana and head out into the world. I rarely miss places I live, but I have a feeling I will miss living amongst the mountains. Life became simpler here, yet deeper all at once. The days were met with early mornings as Fern drove over an hour to work, and me settling into a domestic goddess routine before writing all day. The days were simple in pattern, but it was a time of learning, a time for healing, and a time to gear up for the whirlwind we are about to face.

In the safe haven of Montana, I have grappled with fear, wrestled with doubt, and watched my savings slip into keeping the car running. I have learned to appreciate snow, solitude, and quiet evenings with Fern gone away I work. I have stared at a blank page for hours, but also have written hundreds of articles with dedicated time working on my craft.

All the while, my mind is teaching my body to trust and heal. I somehow found phenomenal medical care in this small town, and even managed to become friends with those who saw me every week to help get my chronic pain under control. I am filled with gratitude for this winter, and have learned more about myself, my relationship, and look to the future with a wild sense of adventure.

In the five months we have been here, we have learned how to read the weather, drive in the snow, and how to ski. We have ventured around the area, but also became regulars at our favorite coffee shop and restaurant. On occasion we even get compliments about being a lovely couple, which makes me smile all the more about being in a such a giving and wonderful relationship.

As the winter season comes to a close, we walk boldly into Spring. Next week, we load up all our earthly belongings and head out to live on the road once more. We are unsure when Fern may be able to return to the States, so we are headed to see family on the East Coast before driving back to Oregon. At the end of April we both fly out from the West Coast to be with his family in New Zealand. If you are interested in helping us in our journey together, you can follow the link here.

Montana has been a safe place for us to grow, work, and play amongst the snow covered mountains. Perhaps one day we will get to return, but for now that seems quite uncertain. We walk into the wonderful unknown, but we know there are challenges ahead. We face the trouble of being separated by nationality, but are ready to face the hardship in order to be together in the same corner of the world.

As Fern is away long days, I have been sorting, selling, packing, and re-organizing our belongings in preparation to play Tetris within the car. We have a small collection of books, clothes, kitchen items, a banjo, one plant, and a few trinkets to fit under or around the bed frame that fits perfectly in the car. Luckily at this point, we are at advanced levels of playing Tetris with our belongings.

I may miss having our own safe haven, but I know with the change of season comes the itch in my feet to keep moving. The nomad in me is ready to move along to see new stretches of land, and to place my feet on fresh ground. In this next season, the adventure of Fern and Petal will be moving not only states, but countries. The future is uncertain, but one thing we do know, is that we have the love of one another.

Whether you have just joined our journey, or have been following for a long time, thank you. Wherever you are in the world, I hope the change in season brings joy, light, and the promise of a new beginning. Spring is here, and how beautiful it already looks.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane



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  1. Dave Gardner says:

    Great story. Can’t wait to see where you end up next. “The Adventure Begins right?”


    1. bwiddi says:

      Thank you for following along! Yes it certainly does, another adventure in the works! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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