A New Homeland Across the Sea

I rushed through security and scurried my way through to the terminal. I frantically checked the clock and realized I still had ten minutes to spare before the flight boarded for Wellington. I settled for a moment and looked out the window just as the sun was stretching up across the horizon. The rays reflected a brilliant orange to reveal New Zealand for the first time to my eyes.

Amongst a crowd of business people I looked with wide eyes towards a new homeland. In the hour that followed I would be up and down from the great open sky and into the arms of a family that have already taken me under their wing. Fern followed a day later and we have both been taking it easy after our flurry of travels over the past month.

April brought many beginning and endings of travels. We drove the faithful mini-van across 24 states in three weeks, and somehow managed to see more National Parks, visit with loved ones, and have only minor car troubles. We ate once a day, snacked in between, and balanced 10 hours of driving with sight-seeing. We saw the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Coast, and drove across the south and up through California to return to Oregon.

In a frenzy we repacked our things for plane travel to head towards Fern’s homeland and said our goodbyes in Oregon. Due to cost circumstance, I flew out a day earlier, but Fern landed exactly 24 hours after me. With chill family time, we have been able to rest up and prepare for whatever life decides to bring next.

In between driving or flying across the sea, I have been trying to cram in work, which has left less leisure time to personally write about my travels. Each day for the past month has brought new sights, new challenges, and new beauties to my understanding of the world. I could not have guessed that New Zealand would be another corner of the world to truly call home, but somehow I have found myself in a land that I have dreamed about for many years.

Thank you to everyone who helped out our fund! Your generosity helped us be able to be in the same corner of the world. We still have a long way to go with getting partner visas figured out, but for now we are enjoying the time we have together with family.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane


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