What They Did Not Know


I have stared many doctors and specialists in the eye about my deteriorating body, but there was something they did not know, and what I did not think to tell. Something that many doctors and well-intended mothers hoped would save their daughters from a greater danger. Yet, it is what the pharmaceutical company sought to hide, and never took blame for the victims a vaccine would claim.

I have lost count how many times I looked specialists in the eyes who had no explanation for my pain. How many times I returned home with just the response “you’re too young to have these issues”, which seemed to suffice as an answer for them. It would be years later until one specialist finally put all the pieces together, and it only was solved because another girl like me in her care suffered the same issues.

I have not spoken much about the results, because I myself have had to come to terms with the reality of a decision that led to years of pain and mysterious symptoms. In reality, I am one of thousands of girls who were vaccinated with Gardasil that had adverse side effects. Yet, many of us were not taken seriously and simply shrugged away with no answers. Lawsuits ensued over several countries, but only a few families have received compensation for such damages. Some even suffered the consequence of their lives, as their body could not fight the vaccine.

In a conversation across the sea, I realized what felt like a local problem, is actually a global problem. Among the statistics, I know there are thousands of victims who are unaccounted for, because I happen to be one of them. In my frustration, I wondered what I could do to raise my voice about an issue that seems of the past. Many of us were vaccinated in our teens, which makes for conversation only in recollection. It was not until someone pointed out a cause, that I realized all my health issues occurred after the series of shots.

All that to say, I write this in hopes of reaching those who have experienced the unspoken pain of your body deteriorating with no answers. For those who suddenly had joint pain and arthritis symptoms at the age of 17. For those who developed serious allergies and gastrointestinal pain that made it hard to keep a meal down. My research is not just about my story, it is about speaking about an issue that has affected thousands of previously healthy girls just like me. I speak for the ones who never felt understood by medical specialists, who in some form, may find an answer and possibly even relief.

If you, or anyone else you know has experienced side effects after receiving the HPV/Gardasil Vaccine, I would be honored to hear your story. I am no medical specialist by any means, but I am working on a piece to be published that may raise awareness to other girls that have experienced the same frustration and loss, so they know they are not alone.

Feel free to contact me at bethanyjanewrites@gmail.com for any stories or more information about how you can be a part of my investigative piece.

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane

p.s. Wondering about my travels? Do not worry, there is more to come.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katrina says:

    Bethany. It all seems to make sense now. Ugg. What was hoped to help prevent actually created hellish consequences. There must be a way forward. Thank you for speaking up.


    1. bwiddi says:

      I know I am not the only one, so I am hoping by delving into the research I can help other girls who have experienced the same consequence. Hopefully there is a way forward, and spread the word if you can about it so more stories come forward!


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