My Mama Taught Me


In every place I have lived across the world, the question comes up of whether I am homesick. I think for a moment, smile, and respond with a genuine understanding. I say, I only wish for my Mama to magically appear when I happen to be in the hospital.

Truth is, I rarely feel homesick, but that is because my parents have created a safe space for me to always return to. My Mama taught me to be courageous, to be fearless against adversity. She taught me to travel the world with curiosity and compassion, and those early lessons continue to drive my existence to new places around the world.

Just as I write this my Mama has just finished a trip visiting Rwanda, where she spent her time helping with a medical missions. She could use her time for many things in this world, but she constantly is using her time to be of service to others. She comes from a line of strong and courageous women who have fought sickness, battled the strains of the economy, and have kept a tight knit family weaved with never-ending love.

I remember vividly a moment where my Mother drove up to the curbside where I sat in a pool of tears with the last of my things packed up to go home for the summer. I had been battling my mysterious sickness, mean gossip, and wanted to be done with my university. I threw everything into the car and sobbed most of the way home trying to explain to her my frustrations.

Instead of trying to fix them or offer some comment of advice, she just listened with intention. As soon as we got home she handed me a glass of chocolate milk and whipped up a quick hot meal. The exact same routine since I was kid who came crying home from crashing my bike, or when I came home in tears after a hard day at school. My Mama taught me to be brave, but she also taught me that it’s okay to feel through something to move forward from it.

Everywhere I have traveled in the world, I have met mothers who have adopted me as their own, and took care of me when I did not feel brave. Mothers who encouraged me to be who I am, and who taught me to be the mama bear personality that I am today.

Mothers do not get a day off, which makes celebrating Mother’s Day a challenging day to even try to impress our mothers with words of affirmation in silly Hallmark cards. Truth is, we cannot ever repay the sacrifice, time, and dedication that mothers give this world.In return, we can only pass the same strength, devotion, and unconditional love onto those we interact with, and onto the next generation.

Above anything else, my Mama taught me to love with patience, kindness, gentleness, faith, and compassion. That every single human being on this earth deserves a chance at a better life, and she shows that everyday in her care for her children, and her dedication to serving others.

I may be the traveling gypsy daughter, but I still love my Mama from far away, and know that I always have a home to return to. We should be celebrating our mothers all year long, but in the spirit of the marked day, thank you mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Thank you for caring for this world, and teaching us the gentle balance of resilience, courage, and love.

We love you. ❤

Love and Light,

Bethany Jane


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  1. Katrina says:

    Yes, I KNOW your mama is top quality and I am blessed to call her friend. Thanks for taking the time to honor her and others.

    Love you Bethy

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