Roots of the Heart

When we appear on this earth, we already have roots in the ground that connect us to those around us. We have roots in family, in our birthplace, and how we choose to live our lives.

For those who have just joined my life story, you may have noticed much talk of a man named Fern. A man who gently captured my heart as written about on Elephant Journal and various publications in my career.

The story of Fern and Petal perhaps started long before we even crossed paths. We lived our own individual stories of heartbreak, uncertainty, and the lifestyle of wanderlust. In a chain of social media encounters, we found ourselves writing to one another every day. It took three hours for one reply, and accumulated to a large novel worth of letters.

Two months passed until the day Fern flew across the ocean to visit one named Petal (aka me). Petal, who was two weeks out from tumor surgery, drove down to pick Fern up at the bus station. Even before words were spoken, their hearts somehow knew it would be a lifetime of love.

As the days passed, they lived the vanlife visiting places across the United States on the limited time of Fern’s visa. They both worked in Montana for the winter season before returning to Petal’s native land of Oregon.

Upon returning, they raised the efforts to be able to send Petal to Fern’s homeland of New Zealand with him. With student loans still crushing any immediate dreams, they are now reaching out to make a partner visa possible, so Petal can be with Fern as they navigate life together.

Interested in joining our campaign? 

You can purchase specially designed t-shirts by Fern by following the link below!

Follow the link below and become part of our story and our global community!

The roots of the heart are truly in love, in sacrifice, and the simple understanding that life is about what you make of it. No matter where we come from, we still are a global community that has roots connected all around the world.

For our story, we never expected to be separated by nationality, let alone having to make huge sacrifices to even be in the same corner of the world.

We aren’t just raising funds, we are creating a life. If you like our t-shirt design and want to contribute to our love story, we would greatly appreciate it! Every effort towards our life together, will of course be paid forward, as we know how humbling it is to be loved and taken care of by the community around us.

Check out our campaign here!

We look forward to connecting with you across the globe. ❤

With Love,

Bethany Jane (Petal) and Tom (Fern)




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