My Story


Since a young child I have always been fascinated by the power of written word. I found refuge in books and developed a passion for knowledge and research.

As I began traveling, I felt compassion and joy towards cultures that differed from mine. From the sky lanterns caressing the sky to the villages filled with song and dance, I fell in love with the variety of life this world has to offer. I felt heartbreak for injustice and compassion for those in need. I became fierce in my desire to learn more how I could help bring awareness to social justice issues and give life to the written word.

What started out as a simple hobby during my time at university, soon shifted to a career desire. When I graduated with a B.A. in Organizational Communication, I wondered what I could contribute to the world. How my travel blog could shift into a greater purpose. How my writing could truly make a difference. I pondered what three years in college could possibly have shown me about the real world.

During my time in school I found other writers surfacing the idea of being vulnerable about their life. From struggling with chronic pain and adrenal fatigue, I felt my words had been taken by the mere daily struggle of it. I soon learned to share in detail of my pain and was surprised how many others struggled with the same issues. By developing an honest and caring community of others, I learned just how powerful words can be.

Just as I was ready to set out into the world as a promising post-graduate, I discovered I had a tumor. To my relief, it was benign. In the weeks following surgery I was in a stupor of depression over my health continually hindering me from living life. Unable to hold a regular 8-5 job, I wondered what I could possibly do when my body hinders movement.

I came upon the discovery of freelance writing. From intensive research to interviewing others who had achieved such a dream, I sought to make my dreams come true. To allow space in my life to not only achieve my own writing goals, but to help others with theirs. From academic research projects to marketing products, my career is built on helping others achieve visionary works of writing.

There is immense power in the written word. With a passion for research and writing,  I seek to help with meaningful projects that make any person, business, or major company competitive in a world that can be overwhelmed by information.

Feel free to browse the other tabs to see how I could help you, or simply learn about my writings and research.

Life is all about the journey, and I intend to live it with vulnerability, passion, and adventure.


Bethany Jane